The 17ft. Cedar Strip Guide Boat

Handmade to your specifications, the 17ft. Cedar StripGuide Boat is an elegant and distinctive craft, originalwith each new iteration. With great dedication and artistry,over a period of months our master craftsmen createsomething timeless. Designed in 1968 for Guides at lakelodges in Wisconsin, the Winchester Guide Boat is suitedfor leisure and luxury. Out for a romantic afternoon orexploring solo, it delivers with distinction and style.  View the 17ft Cedar Strip Guide Boat Specs PDF.

Your Wooden Boat

We carve your vision into reality at our workshop in the woods. With roots in the Hamburg maritime tradition, we work with you to create something truly unique. Available standard options include bow deck style, hull color, wood finish, and seat-backs. Ask us about custom options.
Classic Lines, Modern Convenience
These boats are a joy to row, but can be outfitted with an electric or gas motor to get to those far off places. The level mahogany floor boards make it effortless to enter and exit. A double “wineglass” transom reduces turbulence and friction at the water line, allowing the craft to glide easily with minimal effort. Maintenance is occasional and light, so you can stay on the water.
Built Like They Used To
When we take on a new project, we give it everything we have. The quality of construction and materials we use are rare to find in the day of mass production and planned obsolescence. Our works speak to the timeless tradition of wooden watercraft.