Our Wooden Row Boats


PageLines- Winchester371.jpgWinchester Boatworks’ 17′ Guide Boat is the simply the finest row troller on the water. Hand designed and formed, it is an elegant and functional craft, combining high quality materials with master craftsmanship. Because every boat is built by hand, each has a unique form and character, no one boat the same as any other.

This boat is simple and easy to use. It’s design is forgiving and supportive. You won’t know whether you or the boat is in control. Simple strokes propel you and the boat across the surface of the water. If you’re new to rowing this boat is easy. If you’re an experienced rower it’s a welcome break. The Guide Boat will easily move over glass like water, across waves or directly into the wind. Regardless of the weather you’ll be grateful to be in the Winchester 17′ Guide Boat.

Originally designed as a row trolling boat, it is perfectly suited to leisure and fitness. Whether you’re trying to raise a leviathan from the depths, or out for a cruise, the Guide Boat can be outfitted for your needs. Custom options include hull color, wood finish, and a wide variety of accessories. For comfort, rowers can install an extra bench seat, wooden seat station backs, and beautiful slatted wood decking. For fishing on big water a small outboard motor can help get you there.

The all wood hull is designed with a wineglass transom which reduces turbulence and friction at the water line, allowing the craft to glide easily with each oar stroke. The hull is highly stable allowing fishing while standing, and can hold multiple passengers comfortably. Encapsulated in fiberglass, and sealed with epoxy resin, the hull is watertight, eliminating the need to soak before use. All metal hardware elements are made of corrosion resistant nautical brass, carved and molded by the designer in a musky motif.

Water is life. We’re drawn to it. We love it. To be in, on or around water makes us feel alive. This row boat brings you to the water. Drops of water fall from the oars with each stroke and an eddy of water trails closely behind the oar. This combination of water, wood and movement is natural. The inspiration for the Guide Boat comes out of Willi Kruschinski’s lifetime of craftsmanship and boatwork. See, Our History for more information about Mr. Kruschinski.