40th Lake Minnetonka Antique and Classic Boat Show

Over the weekend, Winchester Boat Works showd two of our boats at the 40th Lake Minnetonka Antique and Classic Boat Show hosted at Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge. We were joined by a diverse group of owners and aficionados, there to appreciate over 70 marvelous examples of classic and restored wooden craft. Although many of the boats and captains were from Minnesota, boats from as far away as Florida and Texas were also represented.


A highlight of the event was the Captain’s Dinner, which participants in the show were invited to attend. One can hardly imagine a better location than Lake Minnetonka to gather so many floating works of art, and meet the people who care for them. Brian and Patti Petty, co-owners of Winchester Boat Works, with Geno Kanto, a boat-builder critical to company operations, were there to talk about our passion for exceptional design.


The Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society has organized the event since its start forty years ago, and this weekend they certainly fulfilled their mission of bringing people together for the enjoyment of classic boating in all its forms. Another notable attendee was Artful Living magazine, a publication with a similar mission; to promote fine living through fine art. We join with them both to support a vision of the good life in nature, on the water, in a beautiful wooden boat.